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Biodiversity and companion animals’ love

The Artdog Quote of the Week

Of what value is biodiversity? Here’s an apt approach, for those whose households, like mine, are multi-species establishments. There does exist a parallel between the richness brought to us by our relationships with companion animals, and the value of biodiversity in the wider world.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Top Famous Quotes, via Quotemaster and Pinterest, for this excellent thought from April Gornik.

Something special

The Artdog Quote of the Week

The “something special” is the kind of meeting of minds we think about in the days of the salons, when clusters of brilliant people hung out together and created amazing things. But the synergy that forms when creative people gather in a mutually-energized group transcends any single historical period. It is the fuel that feeds artistic movements, renaissances, and breakthroughs in almost any field.

As we enter this month of July, when my fellow Americans and I celebrate our nation’s birthday, we particularly need to bend our creative powers to a coming-together between diverse groups. Progressives and conservatives, old and young, immigrant and those whose roots have grown deep in one place for generations–our communities and our country needs us all.

The American spirit is one of strength and capability, of innovation and resourcefulness–something we can only achieve when we bring a diverse range of talents and knowledge and points of view to the table.

Let’s get together for the good of us all, and then let’s get creative.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Brainy Quote, for this nugget of wisdom from Joy Mangano.

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