The Artdog Quote-Pairing of the Week

This quote from Theodore Roosevelt says, "It is hard to fail but wore never to have tried to succeed."

The task is immense. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Our rainforests have often been called the “lungs of the Earth.” But they’re disappearing in literal clouds of smoke. Or in caravans of logging trucks. Or they’re being mined, unsustainably replaced, dried out, and otherwise destroyed at a truly devastating rate. It won’t be easy to reverse that trend, but we have to try.

Rainforests, like coral reefs, are extremely valuable to our planet’s survival. There are things we can do to help save them. But we must do them now!

I kicked off last month with a video about climate change refugees. It featured a call to proactive action. This month, I’m pairing quotes about being proactive in one’s life with quotes about climate change. It’s not too late to mitigate the effects–we must resolve to try!

IMAGE CREDITS: Many thanks to Faster-To-Master’s “Growth-mindset quotes” page, for the quote from Theodore Roosevelt, and to The World Counts, for the informational graphic about rainforest loss. Many thanks also to Skyrail Rainforest Foundation, for the featured image.