Today’s Artdog Image of Interest:

During the month of July my Quotes of the Week and Images of Interest will explore the idea of “inclusive patriotism,” inspired by a recent column written by Robert Reich. I found an awesome opening-post image from the talented designer Ben Karis-Nix, to express my take on the theme.


For the record: I support and believe in the ideal of a United States of America where people from everywhere are welcome, and where everyone has a right to speak their mind, get an education, and follow their dreams.

I believe in the ideal of all citizens having the right to vote, to eat regular meals, have adequate shelter, and receive adequate health care.

I dream of a USA where no mentally healthy person feels driven to build fences of fear and razor-wire against foreigners, arm him- or herself to the teeth for self-defense, or bar refugees from desperately-needed safe haven.

I believe that the United States has always been stronger because of its diversity, its deep reservoirs of cultural richness, and the cross-pollination of ideas, and I believe that a change of course to make our land less open, less free, and less inclusive is a change of course toward decline and destruction.

Feel free to disagree if you wish to leave comments, but please keep it civil.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Ben Karis-Nix for the use of his very cool image!