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Decision time. This is IT. Today is Election Day.

Time to choose: either VOTE or SURRENDER.

What’ll it be?

IMAGES: Many thanks to Keith Ellison, and Pinterest for the “Not voting is not a protest” quote graphic (American NewsX, however, has been linked to fake news); to the Sarasota County Democratic Party for the “Go Vote” graphic; and to the ACLU of Alabama for the “Vote Like your Rights Depend on it” graphic.

Use your VOTER voice

Your vote is your voice

When my kids were small we talked about using our “indoor voice” and our “outdoor voice” when trying to teach courteous and practical volume control. But there’s only one appropriate volume to use when voting. It’s your affirmative voice, to tell the world what you want and how it should comport itself.

So do that, please!

IMAGES: Many thanks to WTXL Channel 27 for the “Your Voice – Your Vote” graphic; to Imagur and vinrussell for the “Powerful Weapon” graphic; and to the Kansas ACLU for the “Power Vote” image.


Your Vote is your Power

Make your voice heard.

IMAGES: Many thanks to The Riverside Church, for the illustration for its article “Lift Every Voice and Vote,” to The Bull Elephant, for the graphic on reasons why one should vote; and to EdTechSandyK, for the quote from John F. Kennedy.

Does your state allow advance voting?

Big election. Don’t miss out.

Dear Citizens of the USA: Please plan to vote. 

Please learn about the issues, the candidates, the propositions, and the ballot measures. 

If you haven’t started educating yourself, start now! Once you’ve gained a good background, put it to work.

Make your voice heard.


IMAGES: Many thanks to the On the Road to Crunchy Mama blog for the “Educate yourself. Now Vote.” button design, and to NPR and Smartboy 10/Getty Images for the multicolored voting hands illustration.

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