The Artdog Quote of the Week

The “Big Picture” may seem like a trite phrase. But most of us, students included, need a more global understanding than we’re often granted. Of not only what is required but why it’s important. Adults sometimes forget that kids need this. It’s also known as “creating relevance.” 

Without relevance, no amount of pleading will necessarily convince. With it, the possibility actually exists that you might only need to step back and get out of their way.

Beyond why, though, students also need to know how. Whether you think of it as “giving directions,” “instruction,” “guidance,” “scaffolding,” or whatever, HOW-to-do-it builds the essential bridge between “where we are” and “where we need to be.”

Providing the why and the how, as well as the what, is how teachers give students their wings.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Funderstanding, for this image-quote with an insight from educator Harry K. Wong.