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Green shenanigans

The Artdog Image of Interest

Today’s Image of Interest has more than a touch o’ the Blarney goin’ on.

This photo dates to 2016, When Alan Lawrence, a Utah art director, photographer and web designer combined forces with his wife, baby son Rockwell, and–for this photo–the family dog, to create a memorable St. Patrick’s Day picture (don’t worry about the dog: the green paint is Photoshopped in).

It’s actually part of a series of pictures created for Lawrence’s That Dad Blog, his Instagram accountand his Facebook Account. I discovered these creative family moments via an article for TODAY by A. Pawlowski. This one was my favorite, but check out the whole, imaginative collection via the embedded links!

IMAGE: Many thanks to Alan Lawrence, via TODAY! And a happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

Now we’re in trouble

The Artdog Image of Interest 

What better day to exorcise a cat-demon than on Friday the Thirteenth?

IMAGE: Many thanks to I Can Has Cheezeburger, via Pinterest, for this meme.

Watch out!

They’ll be haunting the streets tonight!

Stay alert when driving, and keep an eye out for their safety, all through the night. It’s a time for creative fun and laughter, but also for keeping all the little ghouls and goblins bright-eyed.

Unfortunately, hazards do lurk. Children (and pets) don’t usually think to watch out for them. It’s up to all of us to make sure the little kids stay safe and have fun.

Here’s to a happy and healthy Halloween for all! 

IMAGE: Many thanks to the Pinterest page, 1000+ Toddler Halloween Costumes! Check that page out, if you’re up for creativity and cute little kids–they have scads of both. 

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