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Preparing: are you?

We all have our own way of confronting (or trying to hide from) the Holidays. 

It’s not ONLY Christmas, of course–although both secular and sacred Christmas imagery and messaging seem to be everywhere in my Kansas City environment. From Festivus to Kwanzaa, from Hanukkah to  Winter Solstice celebrations to Yule, there seems to be a holiday for everybody at this time of year.

Whatever holidays you celebrate, how’s it going? We’re at the mid-point of December. Are you ready?

Perhaps you’re one of those organized, super-prepared people, who’ve been buying a building stockpile of presents since last January. You already have you holiday greeting cards in the mail (or your e-cards pre-loaded to send at just the perfect moment).

Perhaps you’re in the thick of it now–still working on the gift list, still considering your plans. Partway there–getting there–but not done yet. That’s about where I am: working on it. If you’re still looking for creative gift-wrapping ideas, you may find some of my last-December Image-of-Interest posts helpful.

Or maybe you prefer to live dangerously, and save your shopping/decorating/cooking for the last possible second. Good luck, and may the Creative Force be with you, all you last-minute thrill-seekers!

No matter how you celebrate–and no matter which, if any, holidays you celebrate–I hope you find some merriment along the way!

IMAGES: Many thanks to the Explore December Holidays Pinterest Board, for the “paper dolls” image, and the talented and creative Debbi Ridpath Ohi, via The Office, and John Atkinson, via Wrong Hands, for their humorous holiday images.

How do we choose the gifts we give?

The Artdog Quote of the Week

We can never give as much as a person can imagine, in material terms. That’s because (to borrow a line from Han Solo) everyone “can imagine quite a lot,” but we mere mortals are finite beings with finite resources, no matter what we might wish to give.

Of course, if the recipient can be expected only to calculate material value, we are talking about a very shallow soul, indeed. I hope you don’t have too many of those on your list (if you do, perhaps you should consider a few life-changes in the New Year?).

For most of us, giving gifts out of obligation, perhaps, but we hope also with love or at least respect, the key is thinking our way through to finding a personalized expression of our understanding of that person. That is rarely easy, and the effort should be valued far more greatly than we usually do.

If you’re still on the quest for those perfect gifts, I wish you good hunting.

IMAGE: Many thanks to PeaceFlash, via QuotesGram.

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