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Challenge to a deeper dive

The Artdog Quote of the Week

Are you aware of your unconscious biases? Of course not–they’re unconscious! But unconscious bias is abroad in the land, no matter where you live or who you are. The results of such biases for or against others based on gender, ethnicity, culture, appearance, and in many other areas have been observed and documented. And we all have them. It’s a result of how we humans are “wired.”

Becoming aware of our unconscious or implicit biases is not usually easy–and it’s almost always an uncomfortable process. But it also is a worthwhile goal. And a whole lot more “fixable” than stupidity.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Quote Fancy, for this image and quote from Bertrand Russell.

Just don’t

The Artdog Image(s) of Interest

As you contemplate the upcoming Halloween season, remember:

In Wednesday’s post I discussed cultural appropriation, and how it differs from cultural exchange. If today’s post startles or confuses you, might want to look back at that one again.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Iffat Karim in The Rattler for this collection of images.

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