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Tourists visit an Australian rainforest.

We have to try

The Artdog Quote-Pairing of the Week

This quote from Theodore Roosevelt says, "It is hard to fail but wore never to have tried to succeed."

The task is immense. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Our rainforests have often been called the “lungs of the Earth.” But they’re disappearing in literal clouds of smoke. Or in caravans of logging trucks. Or they’re being mined, unsustainably replaced, dried out, and otherwise destroyed at a truly devastating rate. It won’t be easy to reverse that trend, but we have to try.

Rainforests, like coral reefs, are extremely valuable to our planet’s survival. There are things we can do to help save them. But we must do them now!

I kicked off last month with a video about climate change refugees. It featured a call to proactive action. This month, I’m pairing quotes about being proactive in one’s life with quotes about climate change. It’s not too late to mitigate the effects–we must resolve to try!

IMAGE CREDITS: Many thanks to Faster-To-Master’s “Growth-mindset quotes” page, for the quote from Theodore Roosevelt, and to The World Counts, for the informational graphic about rainforest loss. Many thanks also to Skyrail Rainforest Foundation, for the featured image.

Banned! Too political, they said.

The Artdog Image of Interest

Normally when we think of a banned book or other communication, we assume it’s considered pornographic or inflammatoryAnd of course we immediately become curious, if we’re most people.

But . . . they banned a supermarket chain’s Christmas ad, designed for children, as “too political” to broadcast in the UK.

Say what?

This week’s Image of Interest is a video whose story kind of begs for me to pass it on. Yes, it’s designed for kids, and yes, it does make a strong point. Whether or not that point is a dangerous or political point, I’ll let you decide. It just might be the most adorable banned video you’ll ever see.

You see, the point isn’t about a political party or a politician. It doesn’t consist of hate speech, and it’s not inciting anyone to rise up in rebellion against the government. It’s not attempting to inhibit any unalienable human rights.

It’s about deforestation and habitat loss due to palm oil cultivation and production, and it’s also about orangutanstopics I’ve addressed on this blog within recent months. What it does have the audacity to do is point out a problem that is widely acknowledged in scientific and environmental circles, and largely ignored or unknown by the general public.

I consider it my honor and privilege to spread this message as far as my humble little blog can spread itIt appears that lots of others feel the same way I didThe world’s caring people need to learn about, and pay more attention to this problem, before all the Pongo Faces are gone forever.

IMAGE/VIDEO: Many thanks to Iceland FoodsGreenpeaceAustralia’s The New Dailyand YouTube, for access to this banned video.

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