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Not insignificant

The Artdog Quote of the Week

As the Geoffrey Owens case has recently dramatized, we are far from perfectly recognizing this profound reality.

But think about it: many of the most supposedly “menial” jobs are among the most important for maintaining public health and safety. Working hard for the good of one’s self, family, and community also has been found likely to be essential to a feeling that one’s life has meaning.

Ask not: “Are you happy?” Ask: “Does your life and work have meaning?” And let no one around you ever be ashamed of working hard.

IMAGE: Many thanks to YFS Magazine for this illustrated quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

The importance of our work

The Artdog Quote of the week: 

Where do we find meaning in our life? Often it is through our work (whether job or avocation), and the services we provide to others.

For those who are unable to work, whether through disability or unavailability of work to do, finding meaning in their lives can be a struggle.

It can be a struggle for anyone with independent means, who does not have to work. They soon discover that a life of endless leisure and self-pleasure is shallow and unsatisfying.

I’m sure there are many people who struggle to make ends meet, who’d like to give that “endless leisure” thing a try! But once they’d had a chance to rest up, they’d probably admit sooner or later that they’d become bored.

I think that’s why so many retired people immerse themselves in volunteer work, if they are physically able. Humans need each other, and they need to feel as if their presence on this earth means something. For a great many of us, at least some portion of that meaning is found through the work that we do.

IMAGE: Many thanks to the Ignatian Solidarity Network, for this image and quote.

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