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It’s not over!

And just like that, Christmas is over and done with. Except for the digging out . . . and except that for some of us, it’s NOT over.

It’s not over: Happy Kwanzaa!

If you celebrate Kwanzaa, of course, the holiday has only just begun! Today is the day to especially celebrate Umoja, or Unity–something we all could use a good deal more of, in my home country of the United States.

Kwanzaa goes on for another six days after this, and doesn’t end till New Year’s Day. Each day, celebrants are asked to think about a particular value that has stood the African-American community in good stead over the years.

Today’s value is “Unity,” or Umoja. “To maintain unity in family, community, nation, and culture” is an urgent issue in the United States today that transcends any single group. Everyone in the USA can learn from the strong, resilient heart of the Black community. Will we? Only time can answer that.

At the basis of unity is shared respect and–yes–love.

Nope: it’s not over even yet: It’s also Boxing Day!

And, no — it’s not over even yet. Don’t forget today is ALSO Boxing Day in much of the English-speaking world! This year, more than ever, it might be a great moment to consider a large, charitable donation.


Many thanks to Brian Gordon and his Fowl Language cartoons, for today’s grin, to Jeffrey St. Clair via LinkedIn and SlideShare for the beautiful Umoja Unity design, and to the Tumblr of Adam Hernandez AKA “Slim Baby!” (via Pinterest), with thanks to TinEye Reverse Image Search, for the Cornel West quote and image.

What’s your positive difference?

The Artdog Quote of the Week 

We know Dr. West speaks the truth. We can only do so much on our own, no matter how selflessly we dedicate our lives to making the world a better place.

That “only so much” can amount to a lot, depending on our skills, calling, and opportunities–but save the nation? Save the world? That’s a wider scope than any single human being can compass.

That’s why allies are so important. If we seek to make changes for the better, our efforts are multiplied through work in concert with others. Whatever your cause, whatever the troublement in the world that troubles you most–it troubles others, too.

Find them. Make common cause with them. Work together to create changes that no single person, no matter how influential, can create on his or her own. Not only can “many hands make light work,” but many hands can span a vastly greater distance.

And make a vastly greater difference.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Better World Quotes, from The Emily Fund for a Better World.

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