This is a reblog of a popular post from my Artdog Observations blog. It was originally published on May 23, 2013.

As I described in last week’s post, a good critique can be valuable and energizing thing for an artist.

2013 05 01-01 I showed my work at Critique Night
Here’s my presentation at the InterUrban ArtHouse‘s ArtMatters Critique Night.  My audience includes, L-R: fellow artists Lori Sohl, Dora Agbas, Adam Finkelston, and Nicole Emanuel. Nicole founded the InterUrban ArtHouse.

I deeply value the insights of a weekly gathering of artist friends which we simply call Art Group.  I also had an opportunity recently to participate in the first-ever ArtMatters Critique Night, conducted May 1, 2013 by the InterUrban ArtHouse in Overland Park, KS.

 2013 05 01-07 Elizabeth Berkshire's presentation
Elizabeth Berkshire’s paintings are inspired by metal surfaces and rust textures. Her viewers, L-R, are sculptor Deron Dixon, JCCC’s Larry Thomas, Lori, Dora, me, and Adam, as above.
This Critique Night was held at a quaint, small-group gathering place called the Vintage House, and artists went through a process of submitting samples of work and applying to be invited.
2013 05 01-29 Larry Thomas comments on Deron Dixon's work
L-R: That’s me (red sweater) lurking in the background, listening to Larry Thomas discussing Deron Dixon‘s sculptu.
 2013 05 01-23 Kelly Seward comments on Linda Jurkiewicz's work
Kelly Seward comments on Linda Jurkiewicz’s artistic quilts.  Also visible L-R: DeronJerry Stogsdill, LarryAlex Hamil, me, the quilter herself, and (far R) Nicole.
 2013 05 01-31 Linda Seiner gives her presentation
Linda Seiner discusses her torn-paper paintings, while Larry and Lori look on at R.
 2013 05 01-10 Alex Hamil's presentation
Alex Hamil answers a question about his work, while (L-R) Lori, Dora, and I look on. You can see some of Dora’s work in the background at left and some of Elizabeth’s in the background at right.

Ten of us were included in the first Critique Night, while two designated experts, Larry Thomas, chair of the Johnson County Community College Fine Arts Department, and Kelly Seward, Director of Business Programs for ArtsKC, took the lead in each discussion.  InterUrban ArtHouse founder Nicole Emanuel was originally planning to offer comments as well, but a scheduling difficulty kept her away until the latter part of the event.

I recognized the work of Alex and Linda, as having also been displayed at the Arti Gras show, which I blogged about in February.

Followup notes:

the InterUrban ArtHouse has grown and expanded its mission since this article was originally written. Read more about its current scope on its website

Jerry Stogstill has taken a detour from his fascinating photography since I wrote this post in 2013. He is now a candidate to become the Kansas Representative of District 7, in an effort to change the current suicidal course of the Kansas Legislature. I love his art, but I also support his platform.

IMAGE CREDITS: I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the InterUrban ArtHouse and its Facebook Page, and to the multi-talented Nick Carswell, for the photos used in this post.  THANK YOU!