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Where is your focus?

The Artdog Quote of the Week

It’s been shown that optimists tend to be healthier and live longer than pessimists. But are optimists born, or do they cultivate their attitude? If one is a pessimist “by nature,” is that person doomed?

No, in fact. Resistance to pessimistic thoughts is not futile. Resiliency can be learned. It doesn’t matter how horrible you think things are, bright spots exist. Look for them. Cultivate them. Foster positive things. Where life persists, hope is possible, but it depends on all of us and our choices.

It ultimately comes down to a basic choice: hope or despair. Where would you rather focus? Which would you rather pursue?

IMAGES: Many thanks to Kush and Wizdom’s Tumblr, for this quote image.

Don’t forget your umbrella!

The Artdog Quote of the Week 

I’d describe this past week as one heck of a storm–especially in southern California (with Thousand Oaks in the center of the bullseye). If ever we needed an umbrella against the disaster-storm, it’s now.

But, gratitude? Really? 

That’s a pretty hard ask, in a country that’s seen raging weather but continued denial of climate change, ever-deepening political divides, and seemingly more gun violence every day. This may be the season of Thanksgiving, but it’s often hard to find solid reasons for hope.

Well, we all need to suck it up. We can never afford to give in to apathy–not if we ever want things to get better. There are bright spots in the darkest places. It’s our job to shelter and foster those little flames of hope so they can grow.

So look around, be positive and think creatively. Let’s explore all the ways that we can improve our world.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Emotionally Resilient Living for this evocative image. It comes from a a whole page of great strategies for building and keeping a positive attitude. 

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