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Empowering smallholder women

The Artdog Image of Interest

December’s focus for my Images of Interest is smallholder farmers, a vitally important sector of the economy across the world. Last week’s Image focused on “The Smallholder Effect.” This week’s focus is women smallholder farmers.

As microlenders have discovered, women are often extremely responsible businesspersonsThis Bayer infographic further explores their role and importance.

IMAGES: Many thanks to AZ Quotes, for the Judith Rodin quote about empowering African women, and to Bayer, for the infographic on Women in Smallholder Agriculture.

Reflections on the glass ceiling

The Artdog Quotes of the Week 

I chose a pair of quotes for this week, both addressing, in a different way, the endurance of the glass ceiling in American public life. I am particularly feeling the Maureen Reagan quote in this season of political madness.

IMAGES: Many thanks to The World Economic Forum for the quote from Drew Gilpin Faust, and to IZ Quotes, via Quotes Gram, for the bons mots from Maureen Reagan.

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