The Artdog Quote of the Week

For artists, our art is our voice. That may seem fundamental, but people forget it often.

today's Quote-image pictures the artist Unni Askeland from Oslo, Norway, and her words. She said, "To me, as a woman, peace is birth, love, education, tolerance, and communication. As a female artist, I consider art a space in which I can enter, and the speed of life itself slows down. Through my art I can visually express my emotions. Art is peace." The image was created for the organization Women in Art for Peace.

Women in Art for Peace published this about today’s quotable person: “Unni Askeland is a Norwegian artist. She studied at The National Academy of Fine Arts, Bergen, and The National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo. Her art has transitioned from Munch-inspired painting to American-style photography-based serigraphy, Askeland creates work that intends to shock and challenge conceptions of the contemporary art world.”

IMAGE: Many thanks to the Google+ page of Women in Art for Peace, for this quote-image, and the information about Unni Askeland.