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Are you feeling it yet? I don’t think anyone in the world lives a charmed enough life to avoid bumping up against the effects of climate change in recent years. No matter how hard they close their eyes, cover their ears, and try to make it go away by ignoring it.

My montage of four photos showing dramatic aspects of climate change is titled "are you feeling it yet?"
Are you feeling it yet? The signs are all around us (photo credits below).

Are you feeling it yet? In my area recently we’ve been feeling it in the form of extreme weather,from historic flooding to a recently-broken heat wave that blanketed well beyond half the USA in feels-like-triple-digits humid misery

Are you feeling it yet? Earlier this year it was more wildfires in the mountain west, although we might miss a super-violent hurricane season (had enough of those lately, thanks!). Unfortunately that doesn’t mean sea-level rise is slowing down. Just the opposite: it’s speeding up!

Are you feeling it yet? Sorry to say, we all are. What steps are you taking to fight it? The future will never forgive us if we give up now.

IMAGE CREDITS: I created a montage of four representative photos for today’s post. I am grateful for them to the following, clockwise from upper left: Youth climate change protesters photographed by Gary Calton for The Observer, as posted online by The Guardian; a storm flooding Prince Edward Island‘s Oyster Bed Bridge, as photographed by Don Jardine and published online by Maclean’s; insanely hot weather blisters an unnamed city in a photo by Ralph Freso of Getty Images, published online by Grist; and the Maryland Climate Coalition stages a protest in a photo credited to them and published in online by Public News Service.