A Special Artdog Image of Interest

Three images make up this photographic composite commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day shows General Eisenhower addressing the 101st Airborne on the morning of D-Day at the top, a famous photo by Robert F Sargent from inside an amphibious landing vehicle, of troops wading toward the Normandy beaches on D-Day, and overlaid across the intersection between the two, an olive-green shield design that reads "D-Day 75th Anniversary."

Seventy-five years on, remembering D-Day is not something many of us can do firsthand. It’s more of an “oh, yeah, I read/heard/saw a show about that” situation. The nonagenerians who actually do remember D-Day are getting thin on the ground.

But remembering D-Day, honoring the sacrifices made then, and drawing lasting lessons from that whole period of history, becomes more important every year. We forget at our own dire peril.

IMAGE CREDITS: Many thanks to the Los Angeles Times (photo 1/31), for the U.S. Army photo of Ike and the 101st; to the BBC for the famous Robert F. Sargent “Into the Jaws of Death” photo, taken from inside an amphibious landing vessel, of troops wading toward Omaha Beach that day (it’s one I’ve referenced before in this blog); and to DDay.Center for the “75th Anniversary” shield-logo. The photo-composite of the three images was created by me, for this blog post.