Bonus Artdog Images of Interest

This month’s pre-Christmas Images of Interest have focused on creative strategies for wrapping gifts. In today’s “bonus round,” we’ll look at creative ways to re-use various kinds of fabric and notions, to brighten up your gifts with a creative wrapping touch. Consider it a new take on the old phrase “fabric of the imagination.”

H. Camille Smith uses leftover fabric trim to add texture and color to gift-wrap.
Wrapping a shipping tube? Use a fabric remnant, and a scrap of ribbon from the notions box. H. Camille Smith came up with this one, too.
Wrap your boxes in paper or fabric, and finish them off with a yarn pom-pom, for a unique look. Thank Marian Parsons for this realization of a popular DIY craft idea.
Layla Palmer made these mantelpiece decorations with fabric-accent gift ties and upholstery fabric wrap. What works for the mantel could also work under the tree.
Got a raggedy old sweater you never wear anymore? Re-purpose the knitted fabric as a cozy holiday wrap for a candle in a jar (as here, from H. Camille Smith), a tin of cookies, a candy jar, or other gift that could use a warm and snuggly look. Tie with a scrap of ribbon, et voilĂ !


Many thanks, first of all to HGTV, whose “Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas” collection continues to inspire. Many thanks also to designers H. Camille Smith, Marian Parsons, and Layla Palmer, whose ideas made this post possible.