A Halloween Quote of the Week

It’s not quite Halloween yet, but many people I know have been preparing for weeks already. Making or reserving rental costumes, planning parties, and putting up sometimes elaborate decorations takes time. That’s just for the adults. It really does seem that, more and more in recent years, Halloween is for the adults.

A photo from the 2011 Greenwich Village Halloween Parade gives evidence of the increasing ways that Halloween is for the adults these days.
Adults rule the night at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in New York. This photo is from the 2011 event. Photo by Emmanuel Dunand, AFP/Getty Images.

No, Halloween’s not for kids anymore–if it ever wasI guess there may have been a brief period when it was mostly all for the kiddos. But that’s hard to imagine, these days.

Today, grownups are definitely out in large numbers for this holiday. And all across the land, police forces have to be ready. Most lay on extra officers. Some do outreach beforehand to connect with the community and take the opportunity to spread safety tipsAn article on Halloween policing gave us our Quote of the Week.

The Halloween Quote of the week is from Police Magazine: "Grownups somehow see certain holidays as an excuse to pour large quantities of alcohol down their throats and summon their inner moron . . . [among them] Halloween seems to be the craziest.

Halloween definitely involves our companion animals, too. A few years ago on this blog, The Artdog did a Countdown to Halloween Pet Safety. It included: #1 Food Safety#2 Lost Pets#3 Pet Costumes (if ever there was a sure sign that Halloween is for the adults these days, it’s the proliferation of pet costumes, especially in childless homes); #4 Pet Fire Safety (especially including cats in Jack-O-Lanterns); and #5 Electrical Safety

Even when we involve the kids, dress up the pets, or do any of the other fun things available to do on Halloween, it’s still up to the adults in the room to keep everyone safe. So don’t go crazy, out there!

IMAGE CREDITS: Many thanks to Emmanuel Dunand, AFP/Getty Images, via USA Today, for the photo from Greenwich Village. Deepest gratitude to Tithi Luadthong and 123RF for the image that brings the Wyllie quote to life.