It’s my country’s birthday! A great reason to share a collection of images, and to wish you a happy 4th of July!

Let’s start with a thought I’d like to see catch on more, in my country:

This is a flag-themed 4th of July greeting with a picture of the Statue of Liberty, and the words: "May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right."

Here’s a follow-up, to honor those who’ve dedicated their lives to preserving the freedom we cherish.

On the background of a blurred flag image, with a sparker burning at left, the words on this image read: "As we celebrate our nation's freedom, we honor the courageous men and women dedicated to preserving it. Happy Independence Day."

Of course, you know who’ll be working on the 4th of July–just as they do every holiday. Many thanks and best wishes for a safe and happy Independence Day to all the first responders out there! I’d like to thank them and their families, who share them with the rest of us on days like this.

Part of the US flag forms the background for emblems representing three kinds of first responders: Police, Firefighters, and Paramedics.

Here’s a fun video 4th of July greeting, created by Pooja Luthra, that might get you into a holiday mood (warning, it cuts off rather abruptly).

And what happy 4th of July celebration would be complete without fireworks?

This photo is a beautiful photo of fireworks over the pier at Imperial Beach, California, just after sunset when the sky is still red and purple. but dark enough for the skyrockets to look cool.

IMAGE/VIDEO CREDITS: Many thanks to Blogging Bishop, for the call to take our freedom as an opportunity to do what’s right. Also to FleetFeetMurfreesboro for the call to remember who’s potentially paying the most for our freedom. 

I’m grateful to Jerry’s Ford of Leesburg, for the image of the first responders’ emblems with the flag background.

Thanks also to Pooja Luthra, for the video geeting. I’m also grateful to the Imperial Beach, CA Chamber of Commerce, for the stunning photo of fireworks over their local pier.

Thanks and best of everything to you all, for helping me share my wishes for a happy 4th of July.