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Because who doesn’t love a great mountain picture in mid-July, this is an image from National Geographic. Do you recognize the mountain?

This photograph is no casual snapshot. It shows a breathtaking 360-degree view of a tall, pointy mountain in the middle of a snowy mountain range.

If you said “Everest!” you’re right. This actually isn’t one picture, however. It’s 26. And it’s no casual snapshot.  

Photographer Renan Ozturk prepared for eight months. Then he and his team trekked high into “bring your own oxygen or you will die” territory to launch a specially-modified drone.

This high-altitude photog and his even-higher-altitude drone achieved the amazing feat of a 360-degree panorama (if you join the left and right edges of the picture together, they match), and it was a nail-biter to the bitterly cold end.

Not only has Everest been a particularly deadly mountain to attempt this year, but the intense cold at that altitude was a battery-killer, too. Ozturk had at most 15 minutes of flight-time . . . and that’s if the wind cooperated. Which it almost never did. He and his team racked up a lot of failed tries before they nailed it. 

The words "Perseverance: if at first you don't succeed, try, try again" are reversed in white on a royal blue background in this image.

This is how the pros make it look easy. You thought this was just a beautiful mountain picture at first, didn’t you? 

Eight months. 

Bitter cold. 

Technical innovation. 

The Death Zone, for pity’s sake!

So, next time you’re embarked on a creative journey and start getting discouraged, remember Renan Ozturk! (and don’t forget your oxygen). 

IMAGE CREDIT: All honor, reverence, and awe are due to the intrepid Renan Ozturk and his intrepid team, on assignment for National Geographic, for this astounding image! Dude, you are amazing!

I also want to thank MEME for the, um, meme.