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Investing in . . . WHAT?

The Artdog Quote of the Week

This image has white letters reversed out of a purple background. It says, "An investment isn't an investment if it destroys our planet." The words are from Phil Harding.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Phil Harding, an environmentally progressive influencer, for this quote graphic.

Return on investment?

The Artdog Quote of the Week:

Two contrasting thoughts on investing in our future, while it’s still April:

Might note that 2014 went on to be the third-hottest year on record (so far), after The Donald tweeted this pearl of perspicacity.

IMAGES: Many thanks to The Triple Pundit via Pinterest, for Dr. Shiva‘s economic reality-check, and to the iamcorrect blog for the tweet from the regrettable orange person who currently resides in the White House. I also am grateful to Climate Central for their telling graphic.

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