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Any firearms, sir?

The Artdog Image of Interest

As part of my research on what it’s like to live and work as a police officer (since most of my fictional characters work in law enforcement, I wanted them to be as believable as possible), I’ve been following several (dozen) social media accounts produced by, for, and about cops. One of them is the YouTube channel Mike the Cop.

This is the header for Mike the Cop's YouTube Channel. It is black with white letters, and on the left end is Mike's mascot animal, a pig.

He and “The Man Spot” worked together on a video that’s less than five minutes long, and it had me literally rolling with laughter before the end. This is so . . . American. I hope you enjoy it:

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VIDEO CREDIT: All honor and gratitude to Mike the Cop and his collaborator The Man Spot, for this totally American video (also for the screenshot from that video)! Thanks, guys! And to Mike’s YouTube Channel homepage for his banner.

Who and where are the “Good Cops”?

This week’s Artdog Image of Interest is a Video:

Today I’d like to share my little platform with a guy whose Internet identity is “Mike the Cop.” He’s part of the Humanizing the Badge organization, which is doing its part to share a perspective on law enforcement officers that we don’t always get from the media.

If we’re genuinely interested in exploring the extent of our diversity, then this is ALSO a minority who should be heard from. So if you’re willing to listen, Mike has some concise, true and important things to say about “Good Cops.”

VIDEO: Many thanks to Mike the Cop’s YouTube channel for this video, to Humanizing the Badge for helping me find it, and to the vast majority of our law enforcement officers, who serve every day and do their best always to be good cops.

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