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What are the challenges smallholders face, and how can we help?

The Artdog Image(s) of Interest

Most of December’s Images of Interest have focused, using quotes from several sources and infographics from Bayer, on the massive economic importance of smallholder farmers worldwide.

Smallholder farms are tiny, only two hectares or less, yet in many places they provide the majority of their communities’ food. They’ll face increasing challenges in the future, to keep up with demand. Even as governments, large corporations, and NGOs seek ways to help them, it’s vital that we listen to them, and include them in any “solutions” we try to apply.

IMAGES: Many thanks to DoubleQuotes, for the quote from Bill Gates, and to Bayer for the infographic on challenges faced by smallholder farmers.

Empowering smallholder women

The Artdog Image of Interest

December’s focus for my Images of Interest is smallholder farmers, a vitally important sector of the economy across the world. Last week’s Image focused on “The Smallholder Effect.” This week’s focus is women smallholder farmers.

As microlenders have discovered, women are often extremely responsible businesspersonsThis Bayer infographic further explores their role and importance.

IMAGES: Many thanks to AZ Quotes, for the Judith Rodin quote about empowering African women, and to Bayer, for the infographic on Women in Smallholder Agriculture.

Small but mightily important

The Artdog Images of Interest

During my research last month into food insecurity, I discovered the importance of what are called “smallholder” farmers. I thought you might enjoy a deeper look into these essential participants in their local economies.

A “smallholder” farm covers two hectares or less of land. That defines more than 475 million farms throughout the world. How much land is that?

It’s not a lot of land. This means they need to become more and more efficient, if they are to feed a growing number of hungry mouths as we move into the future. Many large corporations have begun to take notice.

As the Starbucks video above points out, they produce about 80% of the world’s coffee–and reportedly are the source of more than 90% of the rice production in Tanzania, a reflection of their importance as food producers.

Another large corporation, Bayer, has produced a series of infographics about their work with smallholders.

IMAGES: Many thanks to Crop Life, for the illustrated quote from James D. Dargie; to Starbucks for the video about the size of a hectare; and to Bayer for the infographic on the “Smallholder Effect.”

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