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Two quotes from famous Americans urge you to vote Tuesday. Will your voice be heard?

Vote Tuesday! Will your voice be heard?

The Artdog Quote(s) of the Week

In many parts of the USA, Tuesday is Election Day. Do you know who (or what) is on the ballot? Have you done your research? Maybe even already voted, in places that allow advance voting? Good for you! When a 53.4% voter turnout is a record year, a lot of people’s voices aren’t being heard. Will your voice be heard this year?

Here's a pair of illustrated quotes. In the left-hand one Thomas Jefferson says, "We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate." on the right, Susan B. Anthony says, "Someone struggled for your right to vote. Use it." I intend both to encourage you. Will your voice be heard?

For those of you asking, “Wait! There’s an election?” shame on you! But it’s still (just barely) not too late. Vote Tuesday! Will your voice be heard? Or will you be one of those who roll over with a yawn and fail to show up, then complain that your voice isn’t heard?

Excuses aren’t hard to find. Will your voice be heard?

Yeah, it’s an off-year. No big marquee names (at least, none are marquee names now. Political careers begin with elections like the one we’re facing this week). But local elections matter precisely because things that happen locally impact us immediately. But they also are the launch-pad for larger careers.

Case in point: who knew, ten years ago, that anyone outside of South Bend, IN would care who its mayor was? Trust me: Small elections matter. And there’s no other place where your vote counts more

As one-time Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill famously said, “All politics is local.” Engrave it on your heart and believe it. Small, local elections matter tremendously. So let your voice be heard!

Here's a red-white-and-blue design with a photo of the late Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neill. It illustrates his famous maxim, "All politics is local." Even in a small, local election, we should let our voices be heard!

So. What’s on your ballot?

In Johnson County, Kansas, it’s an ongoing saga. You may recall in August, we voted in a primary to narrow the field of candidates for local races (in Westwood, only the Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees, but it was a battle of progressives versus conservatives, and quite an interesting contest). Tuesday we make the final cuts in that race.

But wait! There’s more! We’re voting for a Mayor and two City Council Members in Westwood, and the local Shawnee Mission School Board has some hotly-contested races. But possibly the most contentious race is for Water District One.

I’m not kidding: the Water District. Climate change and concerns raised by failures in Flint, MI and Newark, NJ have ignited a very active ballot. Think water isn’t important? Try doing without! Yes, Local elections make a big difference to local quality of life. Will you vote? Let your voice be heard!

Here's another pair of quotes to urge you to vote. George Jean Nathan says, "Bad officials are elected by good citizens who don't vote," and George Carlin says, "If you don't vote, you lose the right to complain."

IMAGE CREDITS: Many thanks to Country Living and “15 Voting Quotes that will Make you Proud to be an American” for the quotes from Thomas JeffersonSusan B. AnthonyGeorge Jean Nathan, and George CarlinThe quote from Tip O’Neill is courtesy of Jacobs Media Strategy. Thank you very much, to both!

How will women bring governmental change?

Once I started looking for inspirational thoughts from women about women and their place in the world, my problem quickly became deciding which ones I thought were most important to highlight in my remaining time and space. 

This graphic has a black background, with white and yellow letters reversed out of it. On the right is a photo of Susan B. Anthony. on the left and in the center are her words: "The true republic: men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less."

Today’s post features three quote-images from strong women (two from the past, one contemporary) whose names we should recognize. It might be well to consider their words as our dialogue unfolds in the changing political atmosphere of post-2018-midterms USA.

This graphic has a deep blue background with white lettering reversed out of it, and a color photo of Michelle Obama on the right side. Her words say, "No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens."

Unfortunately, a focus on diversity, whether in gender/identity, race, or ethnicity, seems to be increasingly concentrated within one particular partisan “corral. 

That is, in itself, a problem. If we start assuming that only Democrats elect women (a severe overgeneralization, but it’s a growing perception), what good does that do for the overall diversity of debate and philosophy of governance?

In this graphic the words of the late Representative Bella Abzug are reversed in white out of a black background, with a black-and-white photo of Abzug on the left. She said, "Women will not simply be mainstreamed into the polluted stream. Women are changing the stream, making it clean and green and safe for all--every gender, race, creed, sexual orientation, age, and ability."

It remains to be seen how much an influx of women will change the tenor and focus of politics, whether in the aspirational directions Abzug envisioned or in other ways

As far as I’m aware, only Nevada’s legislature actually mirrors the demographics of the general population, and their new legislative session just opened a month ago. This is early days to see how they’ll prioritize. Another state legislature to watch is that of Colorado

Change may be afoot, but it’s incremental. And change, by its very nature, is full of surprises.

IMAGES: Many thanks to Goalcast, for the image featuring Susan B. Anthony and her words; to Black Women’s Journal for the Michelle Obama quote-image; and to the ever-invaluable AZ Quotes, for the Bella Abzug quote-image. I deeply appreciate all three!

Three voices from three centuries make an important point

The Artdog Quotes of the Week

Women’s History Month is coming to an end soon. Perhaps it’s time to make some evaluations, based on the words of strong women from history. 

Do you feel well-represented?

This is a quote-image combination graphic that features a black-and-white engraving of a Gilbert Stuart portrait of influential American political thinker Abigail Adams, along with some of the words she wrote: "If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice, or representation."

How do you think today’s political parties measure up, by this standard?

This quote-image features a black-and-white photo of the American women's suffrage leader Susan B. Anthony, and her words: "No self-respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party who ignores her sex."

How well do you think our international agreements align with this principle?

This quote-image features a color photograph of the contemporary Afghan political leader and feminist Fawzia Koofi, along with her words: "women's rights must not be the sacrifice by which peace is achieved."

These are three different women from three different time periods. But each reminds us that women matter enormously

I do not believe we can settle for having our needs left unmet in the name of “not the right time,” “strategic compromise,” or some imagined “greater good” that does not include good for us. 

But each reminds us that women matter enormously. I do not believe we can settle for having our needs left unmet in the name of “not the right time,” “strategic compromise,” or some imagined “greater good” that does not include good for us. 

How much of that have you seen in your own life?

IMAGES: Many thanks to AZ Quotes, for the words of Abigail Adams, to Nomadic Politics, for the quote from Susan B. Anthony, and to AZ Quotes once again, for the quote-image featuring the remarkable Afghan leader Fawzia Koofi. Many thanks to all!

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