The Artdog Quote of the Week 

As far as I can tell, Einstein actually did say this! (You have to be careful, as several articles have pointed out. I know. What a shock to discover you can’t believe everything on the Internet!)

Whoever said it had an insight into the nature of humans in relation to nature. Yes, yes, there are bugs out there. And uncontrolled temperatures. And occasionally bad smells. And ankle-turning terrain. There also are no wi-fi trees, which probably is for the best. (No, really!)

More important, there is our origin, there. It is not apart from us, no matter how hard some of us try to forget that. It is in us. It is inextricably connected with us. In many ways, it IS us. We do well to “touch home” on a regular basis!

IMAGE: Many thanks to Brainy Quote, and to The Real Albert Einstein, for this image and quote, respectively.