The Artdog Image of Interest

I love the vision implied in the illustration that is today’s Image of Interest. Women’s History Month calls us to look at our journey: where we have been, certainly. What we have done, and how we have made progress, most definitely.

But the arc of history is long, and it has not finished its trajectory. We build on gains our mothers made. Our mothers built upon the work of our grandmothers. The line goes back, and back, and back. But it also goes forward. God willing, to our daughters, and granddaughters, and on.

We strive for ourselves but also for them. What new stones will they lay, what new bridges will they build, and what new vistas will they explore? It’s up to us to make sure they have the tools, the material, and the vision to keep moving forward.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Click! The Ongoing Feminist Revolution (some really good material on that site, for those interested!), a project of Clio Visualizing History. I hope you’ll take a long look and explore both! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an illustrator credit.