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Mirror moment: What are we doing?

The Artdog Quote of the Week 

What we sow, we reap. What goes around comes around. It’s an ageless lesson too many of us never truly seem to learn or take to heart.

How do you answer the question: What are you doing for yourself and others . . . and the world?

IMAGE: Many thanks to the Amazon Aid Foundation’s “9 Inspiring Quotes about Forests” for this quote-image, featuring a quote from Mahatma Gandhi.

Our part to play

The Artdog Quote of the Week

Only we can do that.

Welcome to April! Once again this year, in honor of Earth Day, I’m focusing on environmental themes this month, this year with particular emphasis on what we can do to preserve the Earth for the future.

IMAGE: This image gratefully uses the beautiful photo from Symphony For Love’s “Inspiring nature quotes by John Muir” and combines it with Muir’s words from an article in The Atlantic (August, 1897, Volume 80, No. 478, pp. 145–157).

Mining here?

The Artdog Image of Interest 

In keeping with this month’s theme of working toward a better future, my Images of Interest for the rest of the month will feature amazing places in the United States that are threatened or actively under attack. As long as they continue to exist, we can still fight to save them, even if things are looking bad at the moment.

Today’s image is a stunning photo of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon at sunset, chosen in response to the current administration’s recent (early November) moves toward opening areas adjacent to the second-most-popular US national park for uranium mining, despite the concerns of environmental groups and local Native American groups. Local mining interests have been opposed to an Obama-era ban on such mining since it was put in place in 2012.

IMAGE: This photo appears to have originated on Shutterstock (photo by Erik Harrison), but it has migrated widely all over the Internet since it was listed in 2014 (thanks, TinEye!). I first found it on the Grand Canyon West website.

We need an intervention!

The Artdog Quote of the Week

It’s April, the month of Earth Day–in a year when the environment seems more endangered than it has in a while. Don’t expect me to hold back.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Earth: The Operator’s Manual for this image. 

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