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Are these guys crazy? No. They’re demonstrating a new technology that’s begun saving lives all over the world. It’s called a LifeStraw, and it’s an on-the-spot water purifier. Originally designed to help vulnerable populations gain access to clean water, it also is marketed for about $20 per unit to hikers and backpackers in the developed world.

Does it work? Very well, if you believe more than 5,000 customer reviews on Amazon. It also lasts for a while, capable of purifying up to 264 gallons of water

Lifestraws are made by the Vestergaard company.

In honor of Social Justice February, this month I’ll be exploring innovative, sustainable technologies for delivering clean water to populations in need. The United Nations declared in 2010 that access to clean water and sanitation is a basic human right, and called upon all nations to help ensure that “safe, clean, accessible and affordable drinking water and sanitation” should be accessible to everyone on the earth. Yet such access is unavailable to literally billions of people, and the pressures of climate change and population growth make the problem worse each year.

IMAGE: Many thanks to MintPress News, for this photo and an accompanying article that tells more.