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A dog who gives new hope (and sleep) to the whole family

The Artdog Image of Interest 
Dogs can be trained to do all kinds of things to help their deaf or hearing-impaired owners. Meet Klara and her Hearing Dog Jasper, who’s made a world of difference for the whole family.

VIDEO: Many thanks to NDCS (National Deaf Children’s Services) of the UK, and to YouTube for this video.

A dog who has this veteran’s back

The Artdog Image of Interest 
Here’s another service dog video. This one tells the story of a Canadian Afghanistan War vet whose PTSD was ruining his life. Now his service dog Norman “has my back.” Man and dog demonstrate some of the ways that Norman helps.

VIDEO: Many thanks to CBC News, and YouTube for this video.

A glimpse of possible futures

I have been trying to gather information and develop a post about “offices of the future,” this month. It’s been a more daunting task than I expected. There are lots of visions of the future out there, and many are fascinating–although some of them are mutually exclusive.

In the course of this research I also have run into a variety of interesting videos on the subject, which I’d like to share. Therefore, in addition to the post (or, more likely posts), which I still intend to develop, here is the first in a series of video “Visions of the Future.”

I liked this commentator’s approach, with at least one foot grounded in reality. I hope you enjoy it!

IMAGE/VIDEO: The “vision of the future” image is from “Before it’s News” (a word of warning, however: this site will hit you with so many ads and confusing messages it’s hard to get to any actual content). The URL for the image itself is way less complicated. And many thanks to FW:Thinking, for today’s video.

A dog who made a difference

The Artdog Image of Interest 
This week’s image of interest is a video about a little boy with autism, and the dog who made all the difference in his world. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

VIDEO: Many thanks to Talent Hounds and YouTube for this video.

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