The Artdog Quote of the Week

That old cliche “money can’t buy happiness” may be true, but deep down inside most people don’t believe it. I was talking with a friend recently, about a longtime childhood acquaintance of hers whom she’d once asked, “You’re comfortable. D’you ever plan to relax and enjoy it?”

Her childhood chum just laughed and shook her head. “Oh, no. I want ALL the money!” 

ALL the money. How many of us would say something different, if we answered truthfully? “Enough” is a hard concept for many of us. Contentment is an elusive goal. There’s always a new “something more,” and that’s not always bad. There’d be no new breakthroughs without the goad of discontentment. But as with everything, there’s a balance to strike, or we slide over into unhealthy dysfunction.

Just as a pinch of salt adds flavora lot of salt adds high blood pressure, and too much salt can kill us, We have to stop somewhere. Where have you drawn your line?

IMAGE: Many thanks to AZ Quotes for this illustrated quote from Ray Dalio, who has enough money to know what he’s talking about.