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Let there be light!

This morning . . . 

The first Sunday of Advent is when we light the “Hope” candle. Image by Erika Sanborne.

This evening . . . 

The first evening of Hanukkah, in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Mea Shearim. Photo by Sebi Berens, taken 12/24/2016.

Whatever your heritage, may your winter nights be filled with the light of love.

IMAGES: Many thanks to Rachael A. Keefe, whose “Bidding Prayer for the First Sunday of Advent – Hope” offers a lovely little prayer litany for those who might like one for the occasion, for the “Hope” Advent image by Erika Sanborne; and to Jewish News Syndicate and photographer Sebi Berens, for the First Night of Hanukkah photo.

Winter is . . . um, here.

It’s the Winter Solstice, again.

In case you’d like a reminder about some of the Winter Solstice customs, I wrote a rather detailed post about it last year.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Heavy, via Imagur, for this meme.

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