The Artdog Image of Interest

We don’t have to suffer all the disasters to discover we must run for our lives. It only takes one. But the apocalyptic vision in this week’s Image of interest evokes a range of them.

Sean McCabe’s illustration (originally created for Rolling Stone) emphasizes his point with images that call to mind hurricanes, fires and floods. Climate change not only is real, but it’s displacing more and more of us. We owe it to ourselves to act now, before this apocalyptic vision turns to reality even more than it already has.

This photo illustration by Sean McCabe for Rolling Stone uses a variety of photographic images to evoke hurricanes, fires, and floods in an apocalyptic vision of cars in a bumper-to-bumper race to escape a city being destroyed by climate disasters.

ILLUSTRATION CREDIT: Many, many thanks to Sean McCabe and Rolling Stone, for this apocalyptic evocation of the devastation that can lead to displacement of climate refugees.