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Will you or won’t you Na-No-Wri-Mo? Here’s something for both sides.

The Artdog Image of Interest 

One more thought as we approach National Novel-Writing Month, AKA Na-No-Wri-Mo. Remember: one week from today, it starts! But I have to admit that this is usually my strategy!

IMAGE: Many thanks for the ever-wonderful Debbie Ridpath Ohi and her Will Write for Chocolate blog, for this cartoon!

Don’t let her challenge your resolutions!

The Artdog Image of Interest

It’s a new year! Many writers begin with a resolution to write more, or to finish a project they’ve started, or to start something new. Don’t let the Procrastination Muse derail your creative process! I’m sure you know her well, if you’ve ever tried to write somethingDon’t listen to her!

IMAGE: Many thanks to Kim Warp, via Evalyn Lee’s @Evalyn7 Twitter profile, for this cartoon.

Getting right to it!

The Artdog Image of Interest

Some of my friends are brave enough to take the Na-No-Wri-Mo plunge this month. “Na-No-Wri-Mo” stands for National Novel Writing Month, a program designed to help people write their books–or, at least, 50,000 words’ worth of manuscript–in a single, month-long endurance run. 

My own life this year is way too chaotic for me to have many illusions about participating successfully, but my theme for this month’s Quotes and Images of Interest is encouragement to other writers, who are struggling to pound out their 50 thousand words.

IMAGE: While the writer in this cartoon isn’t making much progress, perhaps she’ll offer a smile (and a cautionary note) for others. Many thanks to Cathy Thorne, and her clever Everyday People cartoons!

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