Well, I figured out what an XML file is. I asked my son, who is a digital native. He explained it to me in words of two syllables or fewer (the exception being “XML”), and then I used lots of helpful guides available from both blogging services, without which I would have been sunk, and I rose tot he creative challenge!


So now my text has all neatly transferred from Blogger to here, and I now have three-hundred-and-umpty posts on this blog, instead of just one. Cool! No Post Left Behind!

Just one problem. Not too many of the PICTURES transferred.

Make that “one BIG problem.” As far as I can tell, I must go back through, post by post, picture by picture, and add them by hand.

I never post anything without at least one picture! I’m an artist, for pity’s sake. I’m all about the pictures. Thus, I’m facing kind of a daunting task.

However, until my son tells me a better way to do it (using words of two or fewer syllables), I guess I’ll have a hobby for the next few weeks or whatever. I’ll start with the most recent and move backwards, inserting images. Sorry about the inconvenience! Meanwhile, you can still see all the pictures onĀ my Blogger site.

IMAGE: Many thanks to QuickMeme for the Grumpy Cat image.