The Artdog Quote(s) of the Week

I’d like to wrap up our month-long focus on homelessness in the Quotes of the Week with some thoughts about the future: specifically, the generation that is growing up homeless right now. What does homelessness do to a child? It’s devastating. And the ill-effects can last for decades. Even a lifetime. Complacency isn’t an option.

Can we do a reset? I fear it’s an uphill battle. But another year is coming, a whole season of fresh starts and new beginnings. Can we have hope?

Better to ask: can we dare (or bear) not to have hope?

IMAGES: Many thanks to StoreMyPic for the quote image from Cyndi Lauper about youth homelessness; to MoreFamousQuotes, for more of the above; and to Stephanie Guzman’s Pinterest board for the “The Greatest Cruelty” (unattributed) quote-image.